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2002-08-13 - 7:22 p.m.

I think I finally figured out how to make a proper friends list that can include people who use non-diaryland diaries. If I should have included you and forgot, please scold me (and let me know so I can add you). :)

Diaryland friends:

  • ade is nifty, and usually updates often!
  • debbie kicks butt, and makes duct tape accessories too.
  • sarah hasn't updated in a long time, but she's awfully nice.
  • my domestic partner did one entry, then moved on to the next section. She owns rats.

Livejournal friends:

  • allen is my (formerly) Northwestern friend from the magical summer of 1993, when lots of nifty things happened. We lost contact for a bit, but this should help avoid such things.
  • autumn trexer, goes to cons, tech grrl.
  • yay! bug and neen and nene and the others are nifty!
  • carol has been a good friend since the magical summer of 1993, when I started my first relationship (a nice one by the way, and quite nice for a first one).
  • I've known chaos for over eleven years. She lives nearby, but I met her in Canadia.
  • cindi is a con buddy and does wonders with registration. She also dances a mean tango.
  • devon is neat. Trex, cons... seems I've known her forever.
  • a lot of words help describe drewkitty... trustworthy, cuddly, paranoid... anyway, he's my friend. He's neat. He goes to cons.
  • firetigr rules, and bought my car twice.
  • j9 is j9 is j9. :) See her at cons.
  • johno goes to cons, and active in fandom and fanish households.
  • k'shandra is an old friend from cons, rocky, colleen's...
  • loki is a fox. He stays up late, and plays DDR.
  • lorikitty meow.
  • luke is my friend who has moved all over the place the last few years. Maybe he'll move back to California.
  • lynx is great to work with at cons, and a generally nice fellow all around.
  • mandelbear is Chaos's dad, and the artist/performer of some of my favorite filk songs. He needs to put out a CD.
  • menolly goes to lots of cons and is helping to put one on. She is a tech geek (*nix, win*...) and cuddly and nice.
  • rachel is an old trex/con friend, and a mother, not to be confused with other rachels.
  • sylvan is fabulous. Yes, he goes to cons.
  • thechick, my domestic partner, updates often and has rat pictures!
  • thrax is a friendly, furry tech geek. :)
  • tshrew is one of ade's nifty roommates. :) meow.
  • yresim is a nifty techie con-going type person, and has pet rats!

Friends who use their own software/site/whatever:

  • ricky is one of the nicest people I know, and one of my goals in life is to meet hir in person. Notice the ".au" in the url.
  • ewen is the brother of debbie & my domestic partner. He's also a big anime fan, and does nice anime-style art. He also enjoys manga.
  • brian is an old trex friend, and evelyn's dad.

Randomnothings friends:

  • No one is using it yet, cause it isn't working yet. Hey, want to donate/write some software for me? (:

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